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Finding Futures Podcast

Finding Futures explores all things sustainability, entrepreneurship and business.

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Finding Futures is an inter-society collaboration between UTS Business Society, StartUp Link UTS, UTS TD Connect, UTS Women in Business and Enactus UTS.

Episode 1: UTS Business Society

In our first episode we are joined by two members of the UTS Business Society; Molly Weston and Isaac Masterman to discuss their experience with corporate social responsibility and how they have been able to implement it within their respective organisations.

Episode 2: StartUp Link UTS

In our second episode we are joined by Shreeya Haridas, a biotech student passionate about sustainability in business. Listen to hear our discussion on her sustainable startup and how a student like yourself can get involved in the many resources UTS Startups has to offer.

Episode 3: Enactus UTS

In our third episode, we are joined by Cathy Pravasenung and Jami Emerson. They discuss the importance of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and the impact of startups. Listen to hear our discussion on their startup and how they’ve created and operated their own non for profit, sustainable business model.

Episode 4: UTS Women in Business

In our fourth episode, we are joined by Suzi Jamil, Owner and Director of Think Inc., an intellectual-focused touring company based in Australia. Join us and listen to our discussion on how women have overcome stereotypes and stigmas to have a global voice on important issues such as sustainability. Most importantly, we will be discussing how women can be advocates for innovation and sustainability in their communities and Suzi's journey in start-up businesses.

Episode 5: UTS TD Connect

This episode's guest is Alice Howard-Vyse, the Director of Humanise This, a strategic innovation consultancy that supports sustainability leaders and their teams to address complex challenges, navigate uncertainty and lead with the best of their humanity. Alice also co-convenes Regen Sydney, a cross-sector coalition of individuals and organisations envisioning and enacting a more holistic economic narrative for Sydney through the application of Doughnut Economics.